Classes Every University Student Should Take


Whether its macroeconomics or microeconomics (though I found micro to be more relevant), I feel that this is a class every college student should put into their schedule. It teaches students economics on an individual-based level, including basic supply and demand theory. When selecting my courses, I thought, "Why would I have to take something like this?" I can reassure college students that it is indeed useful and definitely applicable in so many ways.

Personal Finance/Accounting

I personally think this should be taught in all high-schools, as it is such a valuable life-skill. It will teach you how to budget, understand taxes, perform basic accounting skills, as well as make you more comfortable with financial terminology. I didn't realize the value of it when I was choosing my courses, but after taking 2 Finance courses and 2 Accounting courses, I definitely realized why they were so important. I'm now able to budget my own money, perform basic accounting functions, and know what the heck they're talking about in those car commercials when they're talking about loans and financing.

Basic Law Course

I am a firm believer that if everyone knew their rights when it came to basic law, we as society would be a more effective place. Though it may be a confusing course at times, it is 110% relevant and useful when situations arise in the real-world. This was a pure memorization course, but I found it interesting as we did numerous case-studies that used real-world and relevant examples.

General Psychology

With there being such a stigma in our society around mental health (sigh...still), I think students could benefit from learning about why our brains act a certain way. A general or intro to psychology course allows students to not only learn about these different diagnoses, but also dig into the science behind it. If everyone was more educated in this field, I believe society would have an easier time sympathizing with others.


I'm in my third year and I still find mistakes from other students when they are trying to use their, there, and they're. I think everyone could benefit from a general communications class that teaches students how to write a proper paper, and reinforces basic grammar. Proper communication is vital to success in the real-world, and an intro communications course will only enhance your ability to communicate both in-person and online.

Have a suggestion to other courses that you think are vital to one's success after college? Let me know in the comments!