7 Tips On How To De-Stress In University (and Life)

1) Rest

○ This may come as an obvious one, but pulling an all-nighter probably isn’t your best idea. Studies have shown that young adults need around 6-8 hours of sleep a night in order to be functioning properly. Take time out of your day for a nap if you need one, and make sure to give yourself that break that you deserve.

2) Eat Right

○ Eating right will not only ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients, but it will increase your metabolism, make you more alert, and overall just make you feel better. It may be hard to eat right on a student budget, but with a little bit of dedication to research you can find meals that are good for you and affordable.

3) Have “Me” Time

○ Sometimes you just need to take a break and do absolutely nothing – without feeling guilty about it. Dedicated time each day where you plan to do absolutely nothing besides catching up on that new show on Netflix. By the time an episode’s done, find that motivation to continue your work again.

4) Be Organized

○ People often question how I manage to stay so organized, and I usually just tell them that I go crazy if I’m not. I have 3 different calendars that I use which are all colour coded. It looks crazy to some people, but it all makes sense in my head. Being organized allows you to plan ahead and is a big stress reliever when you need to find something ASAP.

5) Exercise

○ Easier said than done right? But exercise releases positive endorphins that just make you feel better in general. It’s a great study break, and who doesn’t love sweating away all their problems? All the negative energy that you would get from being stressed can be let out in the gym. It’s also a huge confidence booster knowing that you’re trying to make a healthy lifestyle change.

6) Set Goals

○ Setting goals can go hand-in-hand with organization, but I thought it was important enough to mention on its own. By setting goals and making a mental plan for yourself, you’re setting expectations for yourself and man it feels good when you meet them. Don’t raise your expectations too high though, you want to make sure they’re realistic.

7) Communicate

○ I know that when I’m stressed out over a deadline, or life in general, talking about it makes me feel better. Whether it’s a peer, significant other, parents, or siblings, talking about it is a great way to rationalize the situation. Usually people you talk to will be honest with you and let you know if you’re over-exaggerating the stress, or if you need to take a break and relax.

As you can tell, most of these tips involve taking a step back and figuring out how to make the most of a stressful situation. You are able to alter your stress level, and with these 7 tips you should be able to de-stress. Good luck on your midterms and assignments!