5 Ways To Use Highlighters More Effectively

As a student, I have found that highlighters have become both my best friend and my worst enemy. Here are 5 tips on how to use highlighters more effectively:

1) DO NOT over highlight.

This may come across as obvious, but I have seen countless friends' textbooks where every other word is highlighted. Might as well just highlight the whole page while you're at it!

2) Highlight key words.

Again, this may be obvious but it's a lifesaver when you're going back to review for midterms and finals and you can find key words and important topics quicker.

3) Colour code with different highlighters.

My friends think I'm crazy for this one, but it helps my brain stay organized when trying to process a lot of information. I do different colours for dates, definitions, key people, important facts, etc.

4) Don't rely on the highlighter.

This can relate back to 1), but relying on a highlighter is not an effective way to study. After highlighting the important information, take notes down in a notebook to ensure that all the content is there in one place.

5) Don't waste your time highlighting.

If you've tried and tried highlighting, and you find that you're not able to retain the information...then simply don't do it. There are many other effective ways to study as oppose to highlighting.