Transition to Post-Secondary

The transition to post-secondary schooling can seem like a daunting one. You're moving from a high-school filled with people you grew up with, some who you have known since you were born, to somewhere fresh. Somewhere where you don't recognize every single person in every single grade. Somewhere where you're not familiar with which way you turn to get to a class. Somewhere new. I'm not going to lie and say its not absolutely terrifying at first starting off fresh, it is. You're walking into a new chapter of your life, a new beginning. University is where you truly discover who you are. It's where you find your passion, figure out what you're good at (and what you suck at), and a place where you find out who you truly are as a person.

Its a hard topic to talk about, but thoughts of depression and anxiety can definitely pop up when you're first starting out. I'm here to tell you that it's okay. You are NOT alone. Anytime someone starts something new, whether it be a new job or a new school year, its scary. Change is scary. But its normal. I'm no doctor, but having gone through these exact same feelings myself I can totally relate. I moved 2 hours away from home to go to school, not knowing barely anyone else going to the same University as me. What if I didn't make friends? What if I flunked out of my first year? I thought it would be the end of the world. But everyone is in the same position as you. Everyone is stepping off into a new adventure in their lives. Post-secondary is about putting yourself out there and trying new things. It's about not being afraid to do something different. The best way to make friends is by pursuing your passions and joining a club or sports team, where you'll find people with similar interests and tastes. Just by doing this one club a week, it can make you feel more involved and will definitely help you surround yourself with people who know what you're going through. 

It can be somewhat depressing when you realize that you're not doing as well in post-secondary as you did in high-school. It's okay. I know during my first year I worked just as hard as I did in high-school, and I didn't come close to my average there. I was confused, annoyed, stressed...a whole bunch of emotions. Wondering, what the hell am I doing wrong here? How much harder can I work for them to think that what I'm doing is worth a good mark? Am I wasting my time in post-secondary, or does it get easier like everyone else says it does? I'm only going into my second semester of second year, but I can promise you that even though it doesn't get easier, you just get smarter. You learn how to study more effectively, how to space out your time better, how to balance a healthy lifestyle with proper eating habits. Its all a learning experience. It doesn't come easy, but lets be honest...does anything come easy in life? Obviously the answer is no. You have to work hard. You have to learn how to adapt. Depression isn't a joke, and I give my kudos to everyone who has been clinically diagnosed with it and is battling it and kicking its ass. I'm so proud of you. But you don't have to be clinically diagnosed to suffer from depression. It comes in many shapes and forms, big or small. You CAN get through it though. So many people are there to help you, and most often you have a bigger support system than you think you do.

University isn't supposed to make you depressed or anxious. It's suppose to help you light your passion, find your purpose, and learn so you can help make the world a better place. I guess the point of this post was to let everyone know that its not only them feeling these things. Post-secondary can be a scary place at first, but like anything, with time it can become the most important part of your life. It not only teaches you how to succeed in your niche, but it also provides you with valuable life lessons that can be applied to your life in general.

If you're ever feeling depressed or anxious, talk to someone. Hundreds of thousands of people have been in your position and are always available to talk and share their experiences. Feel free to comment below and share what you think of this post, or if you've experienced any of these feelings.