How To Make the Most Out of A Summer Job

So if you're like me and thousands of other students, the summer is a time for you to "adult" and get a job. Whether its part-time or full-time, a summer job is a way to start paying off school debts, cough up the money you owe your parents, and learn how to be responsible with money.

Summer jobs can either be super fun where you're doing something that you love, or it can be a summer full of learning experiences such as learning your strengths and weaknesses. Either way, it is a time for you to gain experience, earn some money, and meet new people.

Here is a list of how I try to make the most out of a summer job:

Make connections

I think this is one of the most important things I try to do in the workplace besides advancing my own skills. This one can come in super handy a little later in life when you're looking to apply for your first post-grad job, or just in general. From experience, being open and willing to learn about others in the workplace will allow them to trust you, and if you've made a really good connection, you can ask to use them as a reference later on. It also makes the day go by a lot quicker when you can communicate with your co-workers.

Be willing to learn

This goes hand in hand with "be willing to work hard," but a curious mind will give you new opportunities. All the skills you learn in the workplace, whether they seem relevant or not, can be used in future job opportunities. If they ask you to do a task and you're unsure, don't be afraid to ask. I recommend trying things that scare you - take every experience and learn from it to better yourself.

Be willing to work hard

You may be thinking "duh," of course I'm going to work hard at my job. But it's those who go above and beyond what they're asked to do who are the most successful. Hard work in the workplace does not go unnoticed, and as a student you will be appreciated that much more. Take pride in when your manager asks you to do more than you think you can handle - it means they trust you and know that you are capable of doing a great job.

Show initiative

If you've finished up all your tasks, and you have nothing else left to do for the day, take initiative and ask around if there's anything that someone may need help with. It may be as simple as them needing you to file away some documents, but I can guarantee that they will appreciate you asking and not just sitting around "pretending" to do work.

Be vocal

If there's something bothering you, or if you have a suggestion that you think can be beneficial, then let someone know. You won't be penalized for having an idea, and more often than not it will be appreciated that you voiced your opinion. Also, if you have a question then I suggest being vocal and asking - you don't want it to come back and bite you later because you just assumed you knew what you were doing.

Overall, try to make the most out of your summer job. It is a break from the classroom (unless you're stuck taking credits in the summer), and it is a way for you to grow as an individual. I've made so many friends because of my summer jobs and I'm thankful that my jobs led me to them. I've learned so many things not only about a how a business functions, but also about myself and my strengths and weaknesses.

If you're still in school in the summer, then check out my post on how to manage working part-time while taking classes.

I would be interested in hearing how YOU make the most of your summer job in the comments.