Why Are You Always So Busy?

I am busy because I can’t stand to sit around all day and do nothing. I feel useless when I do that, and like there’s always something else that I should be doing. I’m not saying that I don’t like being able to take a breath and sit down for a few hours, but I honestly go crazy when I do absolutely nothing for an entire day.

I am busy because I am a firm believer in “hard work pays off.” People say I’m crazy for working so many different jobs, volunteering here and there, taking the lead on projects, etc. But I say, just you wait. By being so involved I am hoping to meet new people, try new things, and ultimately gain experience that will put me ahead. It gets extremely stressful being at the school for 8+ hours some days, and I won’t lie, its given me mental breakdowns some days. But seeing that direct deposit, seeing a smile on someone’s face, or getting a good mark makes it all worth it. Like I said before, hard work pays off.

I am busy because I run on a tight-knit schedule, and try to plan my day as effectively and efficiently as possible. If that means stacking classes, work, and assignments to make it an 8-hour day, then so be it. There are times where I go off-schedule, because I’m human and things come up, but I find being on a schedule makes me more productive.

I am busy because life is too short to just sit around. There are so many opportunities for an individual to grow as a person, and I strive to be someone who jumps at every opportunity. Life is a precious thing that you only get to experience once. I don’t want to be that person who regrets not taking an opportunity.

I am busy because no one is waiting around for you to get something done. If you want something in life, then what’s stopping you? If you need experience for a job, then go out and volunteer in that field. If you need more money, look for any opportunity in a part-time job to get that extra cash. The biggest barrier in your life is well, you, and only you can overcome you if that makes any sense at all.

So, now I’ll ask you – why are you busy?