24 Problems Everyone Working In Retail Will Understand

1) When a customer walks in 5 minutes before close and decides to start trying everything on in the store.

2) When a customer sees you picking up clothes and proceeds to throw the clothes back on the shelf

3) When a customer asks for your opinion on something they've tried on...it's my job to say you look great

4) When a customer asks to speak to your manager because they think you are wrong and then the manager says the exact. same. thing. that you just said

5) When a customer tries to return something that has obviously been worn and claims that they've never put it on

6) When customers make you run around the store looking for a size even though inventory says you have zero in stock and you've checked 5 times already

7) When you have to pretend the customer is always right but 99% of the time they're wrong

8) When a customer hands you a $100 bill for a $5 purchase and you have to scrounge through the till trying to make change

9) When a customer throws $36.45 of change down on the counter and you have to pick it up and count it all

10) When customers start rattling off their life problems to you when there's 30 other people in line behind them

11) When you have to smile at all times even though you're having a really bad day (or you're hungover)

12) When you go into work and then they tell you that your shift's actually been cancelled

13) When customers ask if you work there when you CLEARLY are wearing a uniform and have a name tag with your name and the store's name on it

14) When there's nothing to clean up or do in the store and your managers come out of nowhere...cue everyone running for their lives and pretending to do something

15) When you walk into the store before opening and customers try to come in with you...please stand back :)

16) When customers leave clothes inside-out and on the ground in the change room even though you clearly told them to hand you the items they weren't taking

17) When the last 20 minutes of a shift feel like 30000 minutes

18) When you walk into work and it’s a zoo and you regret why you decided to take someone's shift

19) When your friends come into the store and you have to pretend to be helping them just so you can catch up on their lives

20) When a customer's card declines and they look at you as if its your fault...the most awkward situation ever

21) When its Christmas time and you have to listen to the same 8 songs over and over again

22) When customers are rude to you and you still have to be polite even though you want to ignore them

23) When customers let their children cause havoc around the store and you have to pretend that you're not going to have a meltdown


24) When customers are on the phone while you're trying to cash them out

This list probably could have gone on a lot longer, but anyone working in retail knows what I'm talking about. In the end, it’s a paying job and you get to meet some really cool people while working it. I've learned a lot about customer service thanks to working in retail. To all my fellow retail workers, keep pretending to smile and good luck :)